PVD Coating

Of the abilities of PRAG, is the unique art of PVD Coating which provides coating services and is done in technical and engineering departmen

Other aspects of PRAG
Possessing the chamber of PVD reactors which has been constructed to serve the industry of the country, hence all the world’s today’s PVD coating can be conducted in this company
All the material removal tools including HSS and Hard Metal along with coats such as TIN, TICN, ALTIN, etc. that is done in advanced reactors, is .currently available in our complex
PRAG coating technology is unique in some cases and is invented by the experts of this very company in engineering department of the institute and under supervision of Dr. Hashem Abhari
To have a better understanding of PVD have a look at the following photo

کارگاه PVD و بازسازی ابزار
کارگاه PVD و بازسازی ابزار
کارگاه PVD و بازسازی ابزار
کارگاه PVD و بازسازی ابزار
کارگاه PVD و بازسازی ابزار

There is a small division in the coating workshop for sharpening and tooling which carries out grinding and finishing services as much as possible
These facilities were provided after it was seen that in a large number workshops or even large factories tools with PVS coating must be purchased with an exorbitant price and after a relatively small period of time the coat will gradually fade away and therefore the consumer has to replace it with a new one and consequently this high priced tool will become useless
As a result, with the contribution of the consumers we decided to recover the tools and recoat them, so that they will be brought back to production cycle
In the other hand, we have seen uncoated tools that have been thrown away by the consumers when they have found out that coated tools have a remarkably longer lifespan. In these cases, our chamber reactors will come along to help the customers to deliver a coated tools based on its characteristics
PVD coat is now used in a vast areas of industry such as medical, surgery, decorating and luxury, etc and plays an important role
For instance, the new generation of implants PVD coat, locks, etc. use colors and surface hardness in PVD. There are even reactors which perform PVD coating on precious clothes
Normally when there is friction and hardness or general cladding is needed, coating PVD can be applied

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